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DSC_9374Welcome to Rev Dr Pearl Glasgow’s Site

Welcome to Rev Dr Pearl Glasgow’s Site! Here you will learn more about her incredible services including. Speaking engagements, Coaching & Parents workshops. Also this is where you can purchase her books and find out more about the greate things taking place in her world! 
To facilitate individuals and groups in a process that will enable learning and development to occur at the point where performance meets potential.
 To give every client full and undivided attention, the gift of belief, and the power of acknowledgment. 

You Can Yes You Book Series

Cover.Win the Race


Raise your confidence
Renew your spirit
Infuse you with resolution and boldness

Climb the Mountain Cover


Your God-given potential
Your undiscovered strength
Your inbuilt determination and Resilience

Storm Cover-2

Win in your race of life
Climb the highest mountain
Survive the fiercest storm


 I have been conducting seminars, holding conferences and having speaking engagements both locally and internationally over the past 30 years.. I’ve worked with institutions, communities, secondary schools, families, seniors, and churches addressing parents, at-risk youths, collages, women, men and children gatherings.

A wide range of topics includes: –  Making new decisions for winning, Birthing the seed within, Breakthrough, Maximizing your potential, Choices, Character first, You Can, Yes You! , life’s adventure, and Eureka moment. Because of the varied adventures I faced in my own life I feel equipped to address your adventures. I am always prepared and available to activate, motivate and empower you towards your destiny, 


I love people! I am extremely passionate about serving you. This is an incredible opportunity for me.

Years ago a good friend of mine unwrapped a beautiful gift and presented it to me, it was the gift of belief…she told me “I BELIEVE IN YOU ,“ that changed my life forever. I give this same gift to you today, the gift of belief,  “I BELIEVE IN YOU”. I also give to you my undivided attention, providing you with a foundation for good decision-making. This I know will create real movement towards your life purpose, and also provide greater intimacy in your relation with Jesus Christ.

I have been the field of life coaching for over thirty years, and I am joyful about that decision. My coaching has produced unbelievable results. You can read some of the testimonials provided for you right here on this site. I am ready to do life with you! CCSI coaching services WELCOMES you.

Dr Glasgow does coaching by

Face to Face


“ I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me”

{Philippians 4; 13}

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